Tics Takeaways – 5 things we learnt from Coventry (A)

Wigan Athletic’s torrid run continued as we crumbled to a 2-0 defeat away to Coventry City and made it 7 games without a win. Here are 5 things we learnt from the game…

1) Same old same old!

Every game feels like a replay of the previous one at the minute for Latics doesn’t it. We go into games with 7 defenders on the pitch, we play long balls towards an outnumbered forward line with no players there to win second balls, we drop off 10 yards as soon as we’re put under the slightest bit of pressure and we continue picking the same team and making the same subs week after week. Surprisingly, its not working! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Our decision making is insane…

2) Callum’s back!

At least there was a bit of positivity to come out of yesterday. Callum Lang seems to be back to full fitness and started the game which was great to see. It was pretty difficult for him to make an impact considering our complete lack of attacking intent but he did have a couple of bright moments. One that springs to mind was a free kick he won on the edge of the box in the second half, it was typical Langy. Endeavor, pace and talent. 3 things he possesses that most of our team don’t, or at least aren’t showing at the moment.

3) Pragmatic. Boring.

I understand the argument for playing ‘defensive’ football. We’re one of the weaker teams in the league, we have CBs that prefer playing in a back 3, we don’t have a natural LB that’s any good and many other reasons. But at what point do we just have to accept that this isn’t working at all? 4 points from our last 10 games has seen us go from top half hopefuls to relegation favourites and its all come from a complete lack of attacking intent. We HAVE to stop playing this mind numbingly boring system and go for it in games, we can’t do any worse.

4) Coventry City are who we should be trying to be…

When Coventry were promoted to the Championship in 2020 they did exactly what we should’ve done in the summer. They recruited a mixture of young, hungry and talented players to slot in alongside more seasoned pros’ and did so very cheaply given their own financial constraints and the impact of Covid. Now 2 years later they’re reaping the rewards for their intelligent recruitment and tactical consistency, and for me they’re the absolute perfect blueprint for us to follow. We’ve already wasted a transfer window, hopefully January is better for us!

5) Something’s got to give…

Latics’ chairman Talal Al Hammad took to Twitter after yesterday’s game to deliver a message to supporters. There is a hell of a lot of discontent amongst supporters, with most of it being aimed at the on pitch performances, and Talal made it clear that during the World Cup break there will be efforts made to change our fortunes. What those changes are we don’t know but it was definitely the most serious statement regarding on field matters that we’ve seen from him since he’s been at the club. Watch this space…

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